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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Trend Brow?

Although thick eyebrows are trending but not everyone’s face is suitable to have them, and not every customer likes thick eyebrows too. 

The critical importance, therefore is whether the eyebrow designer is professional, suitably experienced and skilful to advise you. It is therefore not merely about designing thick eyebrows for everyone! Call us for a free consultation. 



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Keep These Pointers!!

If you have the intention to embroider your eyebrows, you may want to keep these following pointers in mind: ~~~ 

1) For first-timers. Understand the procedure to be undertaken  by the embroidery artist, from the beginning to end of the process including the aftercare precautions to heed. 

2) For ‘experienced’ clients who wish to re-design their brows. 

Understand the master artist’s analysis of your existing brow condition/issues,  and the procedures/methods advised to solve these issues. Ask questions if you are not clear, and keep asking until your are clear and confident the methods recommended by the artist will solve your brow issues. 

Do give us a tinkle if you need more information. 



~ 了解目前在市场上各种“眉”的区别;

~ 明白您将进行的操作过程;

~ 您的纹绣师能为您设计并讲解适合您的眉型;

~ 清楚明白如何照顾、护理。


~ 清楚明白您目前“眉”的状况;

~ 了解如何能解决目前“眉底色”的状况;

~ 了解并有何种选择方式处理/解决;

~ 了解坚持操作的优点与缺点。

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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Concealed Gap with hairstroke design

Can you tell the difference between the real hair and ‘fake’ ones? 

This is the magical effect of Elegant 3D Brow Microblading/Hairstroke. This is an ideal method to provide natural coverage for hair-sparse, broken brows and scarred areas like our hairline and eyebrows. 

Feel free to give us a tinkle to assess what you feel needs a little enhancement. 


3D立体自然线条眉的线条设计法  让你无法分辨得出真与假?

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