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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Natural Hair Stroke Brow for Men

If you ask, “Wouldn’t males who embroider their eyebrows feel like a girl?”
My answer will always be an emphatic “No!”.
But only one type of embroidery that must be applied, ie ‘Hair Stroke Eyebrows’.
There is no two ways about this; whatever the reasons for the embroidery, whether for Feng Shui or desire to look refreshed, we must design brows with appropriate hair strokes which suit each individual male’s features naturally.
Males will then be more encouraged to embroider their eyebrows if the result is natural and enhances one’s looks.
Thank you for letting Florence Wong Image use your full face photo for our tutorial.

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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Obvious High-Low Brow Healed Result

For sure one of the most challenging tasks we at Florence Wong Image have encountered to date.
This client had obvious high-low positioned brows due to over-active brow muscles. Our master artist therefore had to coordinate the design of the brows to achieve a more proper balance. The gaps between the brows and the eyes were also taken into consideration when applying the Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery hair strokes.
There were also additional challenges to overcome with the existence of shadow marks after the laser removal process of the previous design. The remnant hair roots and sunken brow muscle darkened further the shadowy area. The task of masking these dark shadowy marks can only be effectively managed after the Elegant 3D brow embroidery.
Definitely a tough task this one, but it is challenges as such that will spur us to improve our skills to service you better!
提高或拉低眉型为达到均衡….. 比的是尽量达到眉上框的平衡,非眉与眼的距离噢!

Processed with MOLDIV

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Elegant Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course ~ fr Bombay, India

Ms Bahvini from Bombay, India attending my second course, Elegant Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course.

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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ High-Low Brow

High – low positioned eyebrows are very common occurrences on our faces. The acts of balancing the brows appropriately are simply about raising the lower brow while lowering the higher one; relevant hair strokes are added and mixed into existing real hair for the full natural results.
Yes, a simple logic this may seem to be, but which requires precision, experienced skill and study based on a person’s unique features.

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