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How’s the Hair Stroke Eyebrow transformed…

Why is there a need for consultation session before embroidering eyebrows and eyeliners? Because professional artists must convey the necessary information to customers and then evaluate whether they are ready to accept the service, process, recovering precautions to take and results.

Both client and artist must mutually be clear and understand on the expectations before undergoing beauty treatments.

There must be no doubts and questions in the mind before any treatments. Call us to find out what you should know and ask as a client.


那是要让顾客们先了解后再考虑是不是自己想要的服务、效果及修复过程……   爱美,懂美,更要美的明明白白。

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Happy Labour Day


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Concealed Old Tattooed Brow

Q: Can I have hair stroke brows done if  my previous embroidery is still there?

A: Yes, if the existing colour has faded OR

you can accept that the new colour will be darker than the existing base colour OR

the new brow shape must be able to cover the existing shape.

Come over for a free consultation and evaluation with our master artists.




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