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Advanced Technique Of Make-up ~ Air Brush Make-Up

What’s the difference after using Air Brush?

I’m started using Air Brush Make-Up for my clients since April’2012. Amazing, after they’re tried the Air Brush make-up, they won’t go for conventional make-up anymore… BECAUSE they feel it…..!!! 🙂

What About Air Brush Makeup
1) Air Brush make-up gives the same effects as what the digital camera sees.
2) Air Brush make-up delivers a natural, translucent & flawless look.
3) Airbrush make-up are hypo-allergenic, long lasting, smear proof, water resistant and dries up in seconds after it has been applied.
4) Air Brush make-up does not require much powder which can cause aging quickly, and it’s won’t ‘crack’.

YOU got to try it 😉