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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Art

 have constantly been asked if I was concern with my students whom I have trained, being my competitors and may negatively influence my business. 

I am sure you have heard of the saying that ‘The greatest compliment someone could give you is to copy you’. My view is simply that I am honoured to have artists who continue, and perpetuate, the skills and techniques I shared with them. Therefore, I encourage my students and apprentices, Malaysians and from other countries, to share completely what I have taught, because beautiful things are meant to be shared.



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ I love my work

Fall in love with Elegant 3D Eyebrow Microblading – fall in love with looking natural! 

Isn’t it amazing that this technique renders hair strokes so naturally with real hair? Contact us and find out how to fall in love with yourself all over again.


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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Design and Design

The highest level of achievement after the process completion of Elegant 3D Eyebrow Microblading and Elegant Painless Eyeliner Microblading is that You REMAIN as You. There will only be additional positive hints on your appearance – more youthful and alert, refreshed and more spirited! Indiscernible changes but may be life-changing with a renewed self-confdence.






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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Imbalanced Eyebrow

High and low eyebrows are definitely common. But unusually imbalanced embroidered high and low eyebrows are absolutely not right too. 

While we have to admit that even the best make-up artists or embroidery artists may not be able to balance perfectly the high-low eyebrows, but you can be assured that their skills will be good enough to ensure a well coordinated balance. 

Yes, we are not photocopy machines to ensure exact duplicates but we are qualified masters to ensure the best and the most natural for your appearance.





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