Elegant Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course

Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course 1 to 1 Course From China

Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course 1 to 1 Course from Philippines

Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course @ Saudi Arabia

Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course @ Peru

Students from Sabah & Kuala Lumpur

Student from Brisbane, Australia & Indonesia

Students from Kuala Lumpur & Philippines

Course in Ireland

Course in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Students from Kuala Lumpur & Kuantan

Students from Indonesia

Student from Oman



31 Comments on “Elegant Painless Eyeliner Embroidery Course”

  1. Maria carla perlas says:

    Hello i just want to inquire how much is the 3d professional eyebrow course? Thank u

  2. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent you the details, thanks

  3. lynn says:

    i would like to know more detail and price for the eyebrow and eyeliner course

  4. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent you the details, thanks.

  5. chloe says:

    Hi Florence,

    Very impressed with your experience! May I know how much is your eyeliner embroidery? And where r u located?

    I have tried it once in Bluunis, not a pleasant experience as my tears kept flowing out during the procedure, the line was so thin (although i have picked medium size) and bearly noticeable. Im looking for a professional and safe place to conduct the eyeliner embroidery again and hope your place is the right place to go.


  6. chloe says:

    Review- I just done my eyeliner embroidery by Florence. I have had a very pleasant experience thus I’d like to share a few words. When Florence examine my eye shapes, she told me that I was not a gd candidate for eyeliner embroidery as my eyelids are thick and the results may not be prominent (at this stage I think she is very honest and professional). Despite her comment I still decided to do it. The entire process was so professionally conducted- Florence explained to me in great details about the sensations that I would experience, the duration depends on individual’s skin acceptance to the pigment etc. She even patiently explained to me every step she took incl. the tools she used, what were those creams used for etc. What’s most easing my mind is the hygiene and safety level during her practice, which is lacking in other salons and even some cosmetic clinics. The process was not painful, veru quick and I’m happy with the results. Five stars!

  7. Florence Wong says:

    Many thanks for your kind words, Chloe

  8. Felicia says:

    I would like to know price for eyeliner embiodery. TQ

  9. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already replied you via email ya, thanks.

  10. Elaine Wong says:

    Dear Florence,

    I am interested in 3D Brow Embroidery and Eyeliner Embroidery course. Could you send me more details please?

    Thank You.

    Best regards,
    Elaine Wong

  11. Florence Wong says:

    Hi Elaine, my manager already sent you the details via email ya, please check.. Thanks

  12. KC says:

    Is the eyeliner embroidery still available? How much? Confirm not painful?

  13. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, are you referring to Eyeliner Embroidery service OR Course? Please send your enquiry to [email protected] and my manager will reply you there. Thanks..

  14. Yean May says:

    Hi! I am interested to get eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery. What are the prices and how long does it last?

  15. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent the details via email. Thanks.

  16. Abeer says:

    Where is your place please and how much it cost for eyebrows embroidery

  17. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent you the details via email. Thanks.

  18. Vanessa says:

    Hi their florence i am looking at doing your brow and eyeliner course in sydney i have the application forms already .. i do want to know with eyeliner course is the pen machine included in the price of that course or can i buy off you ? I look forward to your reply

  19. Florence Wong says:

    Hi Dear, I’ve answer you thru our phone conversation.. Can’t wait to meet you very soon 😉

  20. Janavia says:

    May i know how much the eyeliner embroidery cost? And will it turn color?

    Thank you

  21. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, thank you for your enquiry.. You are referring to the service or course? No worry, it won’t turn to blue or green..

  22. Janavia says:

    Hi, i mean the service coz i saw friend, her can turn to greenish black. And how much is the service?
    I am also interested with the course too, may you send me emailed for further details

    Thank you

  23. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent you the details via email. Thanks..

  24. Sapna says:

    Pm eyeliner embroidery

  25. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, already sent you the details. Thanks.

  26. Cecilia says:

    May i know the details. Tq

  27. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, sorry for the late reply..
    We have already sent you the details via email. Thanks

  28. Christine Ong says:

    Hi. I would like to know the price of eyeliner embroidery. TQ

  29. Florence Wong says:

    Hi, sorry for the late reply.. Already sent you the details via email. Thanks

  30. Charmaine says:

    I just finished my 2nd session (touch-up) of Painless Eyeliner Embroidery with Florence. She wasn’t only amazing at her craft, she was also very patient and thorough with her explanation while answering all my concerns, especially on pain and discomfort. The actual procedure did not hurt and Florence was very gentle and assuring throughout. I’m thrilled with the result and will definitely recommend her to anyone who wants natural looking eyeliner embroidery! Bless your kind soul, Florence ♥️

  31. Florence Wong says:

    Thank you for your kind words, you make my day❤️❤️❤️

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