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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Concealed Old Tattooed Brow

Concealing light brown based brows ~
The first time she came to us for consultation, we were not able to embroider her eyebrows as the colours then were deep dark red.
After a laser removal procedure, the colour toned down to light brown. She wasted no time to revisit us as the light brown tone can be worked on, and she finally possessed a pair of new, beautiful and natural eyebrows from Florence Wong Image. Thank you for your patience and trust in our services.

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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Men’s Eyebrow

More luscious hair growth at begin brows with sparse end brows are common occurrence. However, this client’s eyebrows hair growth is exactly the opposite.
Florence Wong’s artist masterfully lengthened and pulled closer the begin brows with soft strokes added onto existing hair, which redefined the brows shape for a natural finish.

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Why do we suggest Elegant 3D Eyebrow Embroidery or Hair Stroke Eyebrow Embroidery?

Why do we suggest strongly the application of Elegant 3D Eyebrow Embroidery or Hair Stroke Eyebrow Embroidery for all our clients?
The reasons are that we can view immediately the wonderful results, it is one of the best embroidery techniques available in the industry, yields truly natural and realistic brows appearance as the strokes blend seamlessly with natural hairs, and also the design and required strokes can easily be adjusted to fit naturally onto one’s existing brows.

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