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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading Course @ HQ

Reflection of happiness can be seen at the glass panel at the back.                                           A warm welcome to my students beside learning and sharing, I hope the class is enjoyable just like the glass panel in the photo too ?.

Processed with MOLDIV

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Elegant Painless Eyeliner Microblading ~ Lash Line Enhancement

Everyone loves pictures of young pretty ladies that are posted in Florence Wong Images’ portfolio. 

BUT have a good look at this more experienced and elderly lady here, she is absolutely gorgeous too! Mesmerising eyes after the Elegant Eyeline Embroidery procedure. 


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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading for Men

The best compliment anyone can get is that you look refreshed, energetic, better looking without knowing the real reason behind the renewed looks. 

Thank you for allowing us to post your full face photo.



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Natural Hairstroke Brow

“Wow, my eyebrows look luscious with more hair. How did they appear?” 

Many clients have repeatedly asked this after completing their Elegant 3D Brow Microblading technology at Florence Wong Image. 

Yes, the added natural-looking hair strokes, which are not distinguishable with existing eyebrow hair, are the result of the combination of Elegant 3D Brow Microblading process with the mastery of our artists. 

It is only through the use of this advanced microblading treatment together with the professional skills of an artist that will yield natural and satisfactory brow designs.




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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Eyebrow Design

Eyebrow designing can prove to a challenging task even for artists with years of experience.

Every single person living on this earth has their own unique pair of eyebrows which are affected by:

1. The natural hair growth direction and position

2. The natural position alignment of the facial features which may affect the different levels of brows

3. Both sides’ eye and brow area muscles’ strength and sensitivity

4. Inconsistent depressions on the temples which will result in asymmetrical eyebrows length

Challenging indeed but surmountable for sure, with great natural results too if performed by professional master artists.

一般在眉型设计所犹豫的… 大致有四个因素影响






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