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Florence Wong Image Launching Promotion

We are now opened for appointments, to be scheduled from 1st December 2018, at our new studio! 

We welcome your enquiries, because we have surprises for all clients!




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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Eyebrow Design

The eyes are lovely and large but were paired with her original thin eyebrows, which rendered an unbalanced look to her entire facial feature. 

Pairing suitably designed brows to the shape and size of one’s eyes is undeniably the single most important factor to enhancing features and highlighting one’s overall good looks. 

Interested to know more? Do give us a tinkle at Florence Wong Image +6012 234 0087



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Lucky Brow? Feng Sui Brow?

Lucky eyebrows? Feng Shui eyebrows? Are they the same? So you do not need to work after embroidering these lucky eyebrows? Your whole life will be super filled with wealth and luxury then?  

We at Florence Wong Image believe in having a natural image, a pleasant facial appearance, which in itself can draw positive vibes. When a pair of eyebrows suit one’s facial feature, and the hair strokes design is etched appropriately, the overall effect will naturally be pleasing and thus will attract positive energy; surroundings will seem favourable with more positive minded people coming into your circle. You may have a turn of good fortune if you are to believe in lucky brows! Give us a call to find out more on achieving these ‘lucky’ brows! 



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