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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Fengsui Eyebrow for man

Some of us who believe in Feng Shui will be more particular on the shape of our eyebrows to determine or facilitate our wealth accumulation.

Pointy or sharp end brows are meant to signify ‘money accumulation’. But there are also some Clients who want a pair of more luscious or  ‘hair- concentrated’  brows for the same reason.  

Whichever the beliefs are, our artists at Florence Wing Image are ready to provide top class microblading service to adhere to your wish. 



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Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading ~ Fuller Angle with Hairline Design

This Client’s forehead and angle of hairline were too high due to lack of hair growth. This effectively widenend the forehead and face visually. 

Florence Wong Image’s  Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading was angled from the center of the forehead to the temples to blend into his real hair. The added hair strokes gave a much better coverage on the forehead for a more balanced facial structure. 



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Natural Hairstroke

A pair of existing eyebrows ➕ Elegant 3D Brow Microblading = Fuller and suitably designed eyebrows, with natural hair strokes.  

Total sum of this Florence Wong Image formula will be = the facial features will appear more alert, refreshed with the entire structure naturally better defined.


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Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading ~ Hairline for Man

Hairline microblading design will DEFINITELY yield NATURAL results! 

The pigment colours we use for a hairline must be similar to the existing hair colour. 

Our master artists will follow the hair growth flow and structure of the hair, and thus will skilfully ‘modify’ the shape of the face accordingly to make it appear more balanced, natural and youthful.



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