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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Tip?

Why is the hairstroke thicker after the embroidery process? 

1) The blade is blunt  

2) The needle is not sharp  

3)  Embroidery strokes are did not etched on the same line when applying pigment  

4)Etching many time on the same line. 

5) Etching stroke goes too deep in during embroidery.

A quick tip for all to know when you plan for your brow embroidery. 









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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ 3D Brow? 6D? Or Korean Brow?

Is this a 3D eyebrow? 6D eyebrow? 8D? 12D? Or what is this D? 

The fact is this – D is hair stroke eyebrows; brows that are done with three dimensional lined strokes. 

There are only flat eyebrows and hair stroke eyebrows in the current embroidery brow market, and those that you see with multiple lines are the hair stroke eyebrows technique. 

And why are some hair stroke eyebrows not similar to the photos? 

That’s because every artist has their different and unique designing skills. Therefore seek one whose skills you are comfortable with. 






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Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading ~ The most natural result?

Florence Wong Image’s Elegant 3D hairline microblading technique is executed in detailed line by line, blending seamlessly to the customer’s own hairline, which will result in the most perfect fusion of real hair growth with the microblading strokes. 

And the end objective? You will look younger with more a luscious hair appearance. 

The picture shows the final result after a month and a touch-up session


图片显示修复一个月后的效果 以及 补色后的效果。


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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Grow more hair….

Many clients have expressed their worry on their eyebrows hair not growing after our Elegant 3D Brow Microblading application. 

Not to worry! Those who experienced this process with us, when they returned for their touch-up sessions, have very happily informed that they felt there were a lot more hair growth!

很多顾客会担心,3D立体自然线条绣眉 会不会使眉毛不再生长?


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