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Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading ~ Hair Growth after Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading

“Hair growth after Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading/Embroidery” This photo shows clearly there has been hair growth in the brow.

Elegant 3D Hairline Microblading/Embroidery treatment stimulates hair follicles, thereby thicker hair and growth at sparse areas are quite normal occurrences for most individuals.

绣上“3D立体自然发际线后,毛发长出来了。这张照片是最明显的效果…… ?



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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ European Eyebrow

Hairstrokes look clear and sharp immediately after treatment, and will only be softened after fully healed.

The pigment coloring softens after recovery due to our living skin’s biological evolvement. Therefore if the hair is black and shiny, the microbladed hair strokes may not be able to achieve the same shinny effect due to the effect of our living skin.  But rest assured the overall result will be natural and pleasing to the eyes!




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