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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ The Most Natural Brow

For natural eyebrows, hair stroke eyebrows are best. 

If they fade later, you can redo or retouch them up again.

Permanent and long lasting colours are not recommended at all, as more work will be required to redo and change to new eyebrow shapes in the forthcoming years.

In the end, I believe you would want to be appear great, natural and energised; thus the cost or ensuring long-lasting embroidery should not be the main deciding factors.








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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ What to do with old eyebrow colour and shape???

The 2 recurring issues many clients are concerned with:

“My eyebrows were embroidered about 7-8 years ago. Now they are thin and red, or the colours are so off!”

“I still don’t understand why my brows are high or low!”

These are our quick explantion of the above concerns,

Embroidered eyebrows will become thinner, even if they do not fade, over time. Need to remember that our skin condition changes every day, month and year due to aging.

If red pigment is used for the brows colour pigments, they will turn red after settling into the skin after some years.

The eyebrows and their shapes may become high and low over time, due to the decrease in skin elasticity and the changes in eye muscle activity.

At Florence Wong Image, we do not use red pigments to avoid the red marks left on old embroidery treatments. We have solutions to take care of your brows’ thinning and irregularity of shapes.

In a nutshell, we do not recommend too long-lasting embroidery, as then, one’s brows design can be adapted to the changes the face and skin undergo over time.

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我的眉大概在7-8年前绣的。现在变得又细又红….. 还不懂为什么会高低了!??

  • 绣眉若不褪色也会变细、

  • 色料内有红色素,在皮肤上久后就会反出红色、

  • 眉型变得高低因于皮肤弹力下降、眉部肌肉活跃度的变化而影响。


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Elegant 3D Brow Microblading ~ Whats is Beauty?

Maintaining one’s good looks or beauty is a never ending commitment, and does not restrict to an age group. Thus, one should experience beauty throughout his/her entire life; different and appropriate great looks adapting to the onset advancing years! 




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