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Conceal Red Base Brow

The combination of red toned based eyebrows and hair strokes design.  These give much worries to many of our clients.

There is actually nothing to be concerned about if you are serviced by true professionals.

If the new color selection is correct by the artist, and the existing eyebrows shape do not need a major makeover, the application of the right hair stroke designs can bring amazingly gorgeous results with a more three-dimensional appearance. ?



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Natural Hair Stroke Eyebrow Result

Every so often clients will ask for eyebrow colours that match their then hair dye colours. Pink brows with pink hair? Well, also think about this, what if the hair colour is changed? Brows colour to follow suit again? And dye the brow too every time the hair colour changes?

While this is not impossible, we do know that this is not the best method nor practical. Therefore, the colour of our eyebrows should be closest to our God-given hair colour for natural results.

What do you think?




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