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Elegant Painless Eyeliner Embroidery

She had an eyeliner embroidery done a few years ago.
To enhance the allure to her pretty eyes, she wanted to add lower liner to her eyes.
The finished looks after lower liner embroidery must be natural, as it must be smoothly etched onto the eyeline on appropriate eye areas.
We do not frame the whole eye to avoid the appearance of over-done exaggerated eyes.
Her eyes appear more alive, bright and alert after the addition of lower liner.

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Elegant 3D Brow Embroider ~ Eyebrow Reshape

Sharp face features with thick eyebrows, big eyes, double eyelids, high nose bridge and small mouth….. Are these considered as perfect features which will yield the perfect looks for us? What is perfect for one will not be so for others. I believe it’s the confidence we have and carry with us that will help make us feel we are perfect.
And confidence can come from a well-matched and good eyebrow shape that enhances your looks. A good and well-designed eyebrow shape that complements features not only makes one better looking and more beautiful naturally, it can also bring good luck to us. Yes, eyebrows of the right shape and design can bring wonderful changes to your looks, and life!
瓜子脸、粗眉、大眼、双眼皮、高鼻、小嘴巴,综合一体……. 就是我们想象中童话般的完美吗?

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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Lifting the end brow

We plan and design eyebrow shapes with the aim to remedy awkward shapes which do not complement one’s feature well.
Here, Florence Wong Image’s artist wish to prevent the eyebrow shape from drooping further, and appearing more backward behind the temples in the near future.
Therefore, the crucial task was to lift up the end brows for a natural slant to frame the pretty eyes.

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