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Hair Stroke Eyebrow Microblading

#elegant3dbrowembroidery ~ Until today, there are still many people who want to tattoo their eyebrows…
Eyebrows tattoo is a technique that is operated by a tattoo machine and comes with permanent make-up results. So the main feature of tattoo is that it is long-lasting. However, tattoos normally will appear unnatural after awhile, colour will change to blue and the defined shape may smudge.
At Florence Womg Image, the artists use semi-permanent make-up technique. Colours last for awhile and will gradually fade. Our Elegant 3D Eyebrow Microblading technique is meant for adapting and customising brows to the current facial features. Want to know more?
如今,我们做的是半永久化妆术。保持一段时间 颜色就会慢慢淡化,到时再给当下的脸型五官设计一对更贴心的眉型。
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Hairstroke Eyebrow for Men

Men’s eyebrows are quite often scarce in hair growth at the end brow.

Florence Wong Image’s embroidery artist making brows more full and filling up the brows with additional strokes to ensure the proper and natural brow shapes complement his features.

A wonderful yet natural transformation!




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