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Elegant 3D Brow Embroidery ~ Eyebrow Design for German pretty girl 😊

A German client expressed her concern about thick eyebrows, their dark colours and the resulting unnatural effects on her. She was also keen to keep her original fine thin brow shape and was skeptical on new designs/shapes.
Understanding her concern, Florence Wong Image’s master artist made discreet yet transformational enhancement. Her original ‘pen line’ eyebrows were lifted, with slightly more lush hair strokes at the begin brows. Her left brow was stretched and arched more to the back temple to expose her well-structured forehead, nose and chin.
Our artist is as happy as the client with the outcome, delighted with the more prominent projection of the features. Thank you for allowing your full face visual to be shared. And yes, absolute convenience now, without the need to draw your eyebrows every morning!
Thank you for let us share your full face photo here.

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